Function introduction and characteristic description of stai

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1、 Overview of surfer cleaning machine products:

Surf cleaning machine is a special machine which uses high pressure fan wind force or pump pressure to make water produce intense stirring movement, make the material overturn in water, especially add claw structure to improve cleaning function, and then reach the special machine for cleaning fruits and vegetables. It is generally applicable to the cleaning of small and medium-sized fruits and vegetables (independent of fruit shape), and has remarkable water saving effect. For example: apple, tomato, vegetables, seedlings, mango, grape and other fruits and vegetables cleaning.

2、 Features of surfboard cleaning machine:

1. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and it is widely used

2. The flushing water can be recycled after filtration

3. Feed self-made progress and convenient connection

4. It is suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables;

5. The flushing water is recycled after filtration;

6. Bring progress and convenient connection;

7. According to the characteristics of fruit and vegetable and process request;

The equipment has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving and water saving, stable and reliable equipment under the combined work of bubble, surfing, progress and spray.