The difference of principle structure between spiral hoist a

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1、 Product introduction of screw hoist

Screw hoist is through the vertical direction of the up and down channel to complete the lifting and down of the goods in the height direction. The equipment is composed of supporting plate (or chain plate), track, lifting mechanism and other auxiliary equipment. Generally, the hoist is divided into reciprocating hoist, continuous hoist, screw hoist, etc.

2、 Product features of screw hoist

1. Modular structure, easy to install;

2. It is suitable for the transportation of goods with irregular shape;

3. The structure is compact and occupies less space;

4. Safe and reliable, easy to maintain, low operating costs, effectively reduce operating costs;

5. The frame is made of aluminum alloy profile or spray plastic bending parts, which is beautiful;

6. Structural diversity;

3、 Difference between vertical continuous hoist and screw hoist

Straight screw conveyor is straight through the pipe, the use of spiral rolling to transport the material to the high, and straight bucket elevator is through the hopper to lift the material to the high.

The straight bucket elevator is a kind of equipment which uses the traction belt connected from the head to the tail to drive several small buckets to move and transport materials from the low to the high.

Screw hoist choose quadrupole motor bar, speed at 1400 rpm, appropriate.