Brief introduction to the principle and characteristics of r

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1、 Application of roller classifier:

It is suitable for sorting and processing round and oval fruits and vegetables such as citrus, pomegranate, xiaoqinggan, tomato, Huyou, navel orange, etc.

2、 Product specification of roller classifier:

Multiple specifications, can be customized according to capacity.

3、 Operation principle of roller classifier:

This equipment is a fruit and vegetable sorting machine, which is composed of lifting and cleaning graders. The drum type is selected for classification, and the sorting is stopped according to the diameter of fruits and vegetables. The drum is composed of round holes with gradually increased hole diameter. The specification of the round hole diameter of the roller can be customized according to the practical scale of fruits and vegetables.

4、 Technical features of roller classifier:

1. The structure is simple, easy to maintain and widely used;

2. The frame adopts all welded structure, with good rigidity and beautiful appearance;

3. The rack is made of stainless steel, which conforms to the food hygiene standard; The equipment is simple and easy to use;

4. One machine has many functions, wide application range and high separation efficiency;

5. Stable work, low noise, low fault rate.

Motor selection: frequency control or stepless speed reducer.

Packaging: foam film or preservative film, wooden pallet or wooden frame fee need to consult for confirmation.

Control: button control or PLC online control can be selected.

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